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Angela Kalule Apologises For Leaked Video, Accuses Journalists Of Blackmail

Local musician Angela Kalule has in the last few days been the talk of town after her sex video chat leaked that had her explaining her endless love to her husband with some erotic actions involved in it.

The musician behind songs like ‘Katikitiki’, ‘kiwaawo’and ‘Kokonyo’ yesterday evening came out and apologized to all her fans and everyone else offended by the clip explaining that none of it was intended for public consumption.

Angela Kalule in the sex chat video which went viral

“I take this opportunity to apologise to everyone offended by the recent circulation of private media from my phone. None of it was intended for public view and the invasion of privacy therein is offensive,” she said.

The musician also went ahead to condemn reporters and media personnel like Bukedde’s  Josephat Seguya and Semei as well as Grace Namiyimbo, Carol and Sula Simplex of Suubi for blackmailing her but says she has no grudges with them.

 “Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I hold no grudge against anyone who finds it befitting to condemn me. Neither will I hold one against the reporters and media personnel, (Josephat Seguya and Semei of bukedde. Grace Namiyimbo, Carol and Sula Simplex of Ssuubi Fm), who called asking “okoze otya ekintu kireme kufuluma and tuleme kukwabya.” (literally meaning what have you done so that we don’t expose you).

She concluded by thanking everyone that has encouraged her to stay strong especially fellow musicians and everyone who has sent her inbox messages

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