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Angella Katatumba Sues Chicken Tonight For Assault

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Musician Angella Katatumba has sued the management of chicken Tonight Kabalagala branch after they assaulted her together with visiting Jamaican artiste Kuz Kz a few days ago. The singer together with her brother Allan Katatumba opened up a case at Kabalagala police station under file number CRB353/18.

“I humbly prevail upon the justice system in Uganda to take drastic action against these criminals who acted with impunity, almost amounting to attempted murder,” Allan Katatumba said in a social media post which was accompanied by several photos and a surveillance video footage showing Angella and Kuz KZ involved into a fight with some two people in a restaurant.

The assault came after Angella  and Kuz went to  Chicken Tonight at 4 AM from a recording session to eat food, after being served chips and chicken, Kuz asked the waiter for ketchup. The waiter brought both ketchup and chili sauce. Going by the fact that Kuz isn’t used to the Ugandan way of branding, he was confused and asked the waiter which of them was ketchup?

The irritated waiter pointed at the chili sauce saying it was the ketchup so Kuz poured quite a huge amount of it on his food, thinking he was pouring ketchup. The food automatically became inedible and on realising that, Angella and Kuz called the waiter to explain but he simply ignored them and walked away. In their frustration, they called the manager who was on duty, but dead asleep on a table behind them. The  bored and highly irritated manager walked towards them and did not give  them a chance to explain their issue but he simply told them to get out.

This sparked off the hot argument the manager as Angella and Kuzi were saying that in a professional environment there is a better way of handling such a situation. They kept saying, he could have simply apologised for the mistake or even replaced the food and not chase away their daily customers, who were apparently there the night before also from the studio session.

The extremely angry manager simply called the watchman, the waiter and the three of them started beating Kuz and the ‘Lets Go Green’ singer in the name of sending them out of the restaurant.

Angella tried in vain to calm the situation down. When she further tried to stop the watchman from beating up Kuz, the watchman surprisingly started punching Angella in her face. The the manager also pounced on Angella aggressively pushing her out of the place, leaving her bag on top of the counter.

The three of them(the waiter, manager and watchman) beat and pushed both Angella and Kuz outside. In a shocking turn of events, the watchman further pushed Angella down, mercilessly. The watchman further grabbed a dustbin full of garbage and violently hit Angella’s face with it. She fell on her back  and passed out for a few minutes.

Angella later gained consciousness after a few minutes and on getting up to walk to her car, the manager then brought her bag and gave it to her but on reaching home, she realized that Ug Shs 6.2 Million from her bag had been stolen and the only suspect was the manager who handed the bag to her.

The Chicken Tonight people who beat Angella Katatumba and Kuz are; 1. Olubrwoth Ochoka the Manager (Assault and Theft). 2. Okirot Denis – Watchman (Assault, the one who kicked Angella and beat her face with a huge bin) 3. Kaddu John – Waiter (Assault). Chano8 will keep in the know of the nest proceedings

Angella Katatumba shows off her bruises she sustained from the scuffle

Angella and Jamaican singer Kuz KZ are working on a song


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