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Anita Fabiola ‘Sparks War’ Between Douglas Lwanga And Wife

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There is a saying which states that what goes around finally comes around. This phrase is perfectly working well will Douglas Lwanga and wife Linda Lisa. The latest we have landed into is that Linda is having sleepless nights because of socialite Anita Fabiola.

Of recent, sources at NBS TV have been seeing Linda benching her man at the station on a daily basis. A source adds that the Club Guvnor Marketing guru picks Lwanga each and every after the show. She makes sure she is at the station when it clocks 7 pm the same time Lwanga ends his show.

Linda’s friends who talked to Chano8 reveal that she is worried after landing on a rumour that these days Anita Fabiola and Lwanga have started being so close like never before. Fabiola and Lwanga also host a weekly show called NBS Katchup and this has made them work hand in hand. They also post pictures all cosying up.

All this has worried Linda, a mother of Lwanga’s two children. However, Lwanga’s friends say otherwise. They believe it is time for Linda to feel what Lwanga’s ex-wife used to feel when she came between them and finally snatched him. Some say it is time for her to feel the pressure. To take back some time, Douglas is a wedded man and he got married at the age of 25.

Douglas Lwanga’s wife Lisa unsafe because Fabiola is these days too close to Douglas

 On the other side, Anita Fabiola is known for setting traps for every man that comes to her way. During some of her shows, Fabiola constantly refers to Douglas as her new boyfriend and this left the live audience and fans in shock.

Douglas Lwanga who is a low key ‘serial ladies man ‘ rarely hides his excitement and keeps hugging amazingly sexy Fabiola. We, however, cannot rule out a possibility of a relationship between the two as they are both certified masters in their respective fields.


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