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Anne Kansiime Inspires Short Hair And Headwraps

The Africa queen of comedy takes her genius touch to her looks. The witty beauty always manages to have stylish hairstyles head wraps and accesories. Ann doesn’t only ensure of an inner smart head but she always keeps her head looking astonishing and outstanding.

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Anne looking a true African beauty

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The head-wrap, necklace matched the African wear


True African elegance

Ann is known for relentlessly changing her hairstyles day in day out has evidently set a high bar for the trendy ladies out there especially the fashionistaz.


Her hair, make up and accessories were remarkable


Anne looking tremendously hot with short tinted hair



Short and black with some floral headpins

You could comfortably say she makes sure she looks the part of being one of the most paid comedians in East Africa when it comes to her head. Ann’s make up is almost another thing to marvel at, from eye shadow to her lip stick to the color of hair she plaits or tints.


Anne took a risk with the a fro but it was a risk worth taking


The comedy queen with a side perm, looking great

The multi talented diva who usually rocks short hair has herself a following of fans and admirers who adore her hair styles and head wraps which are inspirational especially to the African woman. ” I love Ann’s head wraps but am totally in love with her hairstyles”

Anne Kansiime hh

That’s one hell of an incredible look



See that necklace and the hair style, fancy!

Ann rocks stylish huts and this trend has taken Kampala by storm. Every lady now has a designer hut in her wardrobe and that’s for sure as trendy as it get, the huts are in all colors, so for the gorgeous beauties out there, don’t let the trend pass you by.


The diva has not just mastered her way with her hair but the super gorgeous necklaces too


Anne rocking colored braids

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