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Anne Kansiime And Juliana Kanyomozi Top Rankings In Biggest Fan Base

Many have wondered, which Ugandan celebrities have the fastest growing online presence. Well, wonder no more, according to our research, in the last month alone Anne Kansiime and Juliana Kanyomozi had the fastest growing presence online.

In just a space of a few months Anne Kansiime managed to raise her online presence on Facebook from 500,000 to over 700,000 fans organically, which is much more than what other celebrities have. Her rib cracking performances and tenacity are definitely the reason behind her ever growing fan base and it’s no wonder she’s been booked for several shows across Africa.

Fresh off her Australian tour the comedienne is set to have to another massive show later this year in USA alongside Basket Mouth. If that’s not a statement of her prowess, then watch check out the Don’t mess with Kansiime clips on YouTube and if you don’t believe after that, then the word prowess has lost meaning.

Juliana Kanyomozi is mostly known for the awesome vocals and her heart of Gold. The singer has definitely kicked off this year running after the woman song took both  local and international airwaves by storm. The song was dedicated to all calibers of women who are amazing in their own way and if that wasn’t enough, she recently released her Kalibatanya song which has also been well received by her ever growing fan base.

Currently the singer has over 270,000 fans online and has been able to get more than 22,000 fans in just the last month, who knows what that number will be by the close of the year. She may have gone through trying times last year, but she’s slowly regained her momentum.

Anne Kansiime and Juliana have trully been amazing this year.

Anne Kansiime and Juliana have trully been amazing this year.

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