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Anne Kansiime On How She Balances Work And Marriage

Ever wondered how Anne Kansiime manages to balance her very busy work schedule and marriage, well wonder no more. A few months ago chano8 interacted with comedienne and this is what she had to say,

‘I know I am a busy person, but how to juggle work with other commitments is surprisingly easy for me because I am blessed with a team of dedicated people who do the right things at the right time for instance my husband runs our bar business without me having to stress myself.’

Kansiime on how she balances work and marriage

Kansiime on how she balances work and marriage

She further went to talk about tabloid stories that try to put a dent in their relationship,

‘My husband did not even know the popular Anne Kansiime everyone is talking about in public before we met. He just fell in love with the real me. So the stories in the newspapers and tabloids do not affect him. He is not bothered at all.’

Currently Kansiime is gearing up for shows in Canada, which she will headline with her friend and fellow comedian Pablo.

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