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Anne Kansiime Shocked By The National Theatre Sell News

The National theatre is at the hearts of many Ugandans especially artists who have used it on several occasions,for others, it has helped them elevate their careers to greater heights. Imagine the shock they dealing with when it was reported that it could be up for sale.

Anne Kansiime who often acts at the National theatre with the Fun Factory on Thursday, took to social media to share her shock. A video she shared she said, she proudly talked about how she has an office at the theatre before going on to say,

‘But today I woke to the news that they are planning to sell the national theatre. Aren’t we going to be ashamed,’ she said in disbelief.

The national theatre news left Kansiime Anne in disbelief

The national theatre news left Kansiime Anne in disbelief

Selling the National cultural centre, what are you waiting for! you can even sell the national museum also, why don’t you start with the parliament itself since we now selling government bodies. As if the culture in this country is not eroded enough, you want to sell the national theatre.

Who sells the national theatre? I am in shock. Because by the time you can sell the national theatre, it means some roads are going to be sold, you find yourself on Jinja road when it has someone’s name and you have to pay taxes to use it, She added.

The national theatre developments have drawn a rift between the artists and the management who are proposing a development of twin towers. The artists argue there is not enough parking space for the area and there better ideas they could look at.

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