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Anne Kansiime Talks About Her Love Life

Many fans have always wondered how Anne Kansiime manages to keep her relationship with Ojok exciting. Well, some time back the comedienne told Chano8 that it’s partly because they are friends.

Every marriage has challenges, but how I handle mine comes pretty easy because of the fact that we are friends. So most times we talk things out before it even gets to the media. We always create time for each other and chat. That way, it becomes easier to discuss the challenges or allegations that appear in the media.’

Kansiime with the love of her life.

Kansiime with the love of her life.

‘I love children, but there’s time for everything and my husband’s people understand my situation so the stories about my in-laws demanding for children is false.’

I used to be a quarrelsome and talkative person, but all the energy has now been used up or is channelled towards comedy. So when I go home, I just go to ‘do the right things’ like cook, check that things are all right and then I relax.

‘And sure I can fight for my Ojok. Why not? He is the man of my life, ‘ she said.

Anne Kansiime along with other queens of comedy will take center stage at the theatre Labonita next week in what seems to be a highly rated show.

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