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Anne Kansiime Talks About Love And Relationships

Every love story is beautiful and today we bring you the love story of Anne Kansiime and the man of her life Ojok.

The comedienne recently expressed her love Ojok and it was there for all her 0ne million fans on Facebook to see, she said

‘Am not a perfect partner, actually am nowhere near perfect.
Iam a handful. But he chose me.’
Get a partner who chooses you everyday, loves you everyday with all your imperfections, who will never give up on you for anything in the world and u will literally feel your heart grow and inch bigger when u think of them.
I love you Gerald Ojok.
Forever is not long enough, but it will do for now.’

Anne Kansiime with the love of her life Ojok

Anne Kansiime with the love of her life Ojok

A few months ago several tabloids had run a story that Kansiime was on the verge of breaking up with Ojok, but when we reached out to her she quashed the allegations,

‘My husband did not even know the popular Anne Kansiime everyone is talking about in public (Laughs) before we met. He just fell in love with the real me. So the stories in the newspapers and tabloids do not affect him. He is not bothered at all.’

Several fans have often wondered what inspires her, how does she manage to be always funny, well she says it’s down to the love and passion for her work and the fear of disappointing her ever growing fanbase.

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