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Anne Kansiime Tells All About Her Highly Anticipated ‘I am Kansiime’ Show

With her highly anticipated I am Kansiime show coming up in March, Chano8 sat down with Ugandan queen of comedy to find out more details about the show.

I am Kansiime, that has a nice ring to it. So is it a one woman show?
Yes, it is my very first one and also the first one woman show in Uganda. I am jumping up and down in excitement!

What has motivated you to hold the show?
My amazing and very supportive ninjas plus it just feels like it is the right time.

The show is on a Thursday, won’t that be competition for the fun factory shows which are usually held at National theatre on Thursdays?
Hahaha. I would never set out to compete with funfactory so no it won’t be competition. We support eachother so trust me when I say just prepare to be pleasantly surprised. I just can’t give it all away right now.

Anne Kansiime simply flawless

Anne Kansiime simply flawless

Will there be a world tour or African tour for the ‘I am Kansiime’ show?
Hopefully but as of now the focus is “I am Kansiime” show in Uganda and the rest we trust God already has great plans. One step at a time.

What should fans expect at the show?
An open door into my life, no limits, at least for that day. I can guarantee you this if you have spare ribs this is the time you will need them.

Are you nervous about the show?
Ofcourse! Eh it is the only way I will actually pull through because then I am pushed to atleast prepare until I can prepare no more.

Kansiime messes around with Lupita Nyong'o

Kansiime messes around with Lupita Nyong’o

We have seen you take selfies with some popular celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Basket Mouth, will you invite them for the show?
Ahaaah! You are about to ask me if I will also invite the Queen of England. I would be humbled to have any of the above-mentioned geniuses at my show but I also respect the fact that they have very busy schedules so let us just cross our fingers together and I will keep you posted on this one.

What are your expectations of the show?
I expect to let loose and have fun with my ninjas, friends, family and everyone that has been part of the Kansiime journey.

What should a comedian have or do to hold a show like this? Or is it for anyone who can?
That is a tough one coz I can’t speak for everyone but my belief is God’s timing is the best timing and when the time is right it actually doesn’t take much. We all just have to keep preparing and building up to it.

Mark the date Kansiime is finally ready

Mark the date Kansiime is finally ready

What’s your message to all your fans?
I love you my ninjas. Thank you for allowing me to sharpen my kungfu now I am ready for the action movie! Come 24th March(HolyThursday), it is going to be live. I can’t wait to see you there.

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