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Anne Kansiime To Host Awards In South Africa

Following the success of her Australian Tour, Ugandan queen of comedy Anne Kansiime has been booked to host awards in South Africa.

She’s making all the headlines from sold out shows to the success of the Don’t Mess With Kansiimeshow, no wonder she’s one of the most sought out comedians in Africa. Her ever growing prowess can’t be capped, just when you think she has reached her peak, she digs deeper and pushes her stature a notch higher.

Once a fan said that, the comedienne doesn’t cook with electricity, it’s gas throughout because there is nothing like bad spells of flopped shows with her, it’s sold out show after the other.

It’s no longer a surprise that she’s being booked for several shows, it’s more like a statement of her prowess and tenacity.

Sharing her approach on life, she said ‘I need you all my lovers and haters to know that I believe I was brought on earth to spread love and joy.’

‘And anything that threatens that, I simply do not lose my sleep on it. Especially if there are many positive things to look forward to. Let’s just love one another. Please. I beg you.
Life is too short.’

With that said, Anne Kansiime will be showcasing her skill come May 30 at the Starqt awards in Johannesburg.

Anne Kansiime will definitely leave some 'broken ribs' in South Africa.

Anne Kansiime will definitely leave some ‘broken ribs’ in South Africa.

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