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Anne Kansiime’s Answers For Fans Burning Questions Will Leave You Impressed

Today, Anne Kansiime who was being hosted on Muwado.com for an interactive session online, gave her fans a chance to ask any question they would like to about her and it was only just a matter of time before the questions started pouring in. We managed to compile some of the interesting questions below.

Starting off with a political question was a one Mwesigwa who asked, the NRM videos you have been sharing on your page, aren’t you afraid they’ll chase away some of your fans who might not support the party?

Anne Kansiime took time  off her busy schedule to answer questions

Anne Kansiime took time off her busy schedule to answer questions

Kansiime’s reply was spot on as she’s only exercising her freedom of choice,

‘I respect and trust that my fans understand that just like them, I also have the right to make a choice on which political candidate to support. Our bond is too strong for differing political views to break us up just like that.’

Famous Ugandan blogger Beewol also got in on the action asking, At what point will you start doing tours in China and the middle East? Wait, do comedians tour that side of the world also? Anti tuwulira nti ab’eyo tebamanyi lungereza na luganda. Mutetenkanya mutya eChina?

She replied saying: ordinarily, ‘I perform where I am invited. At least that is how it has worked so far. As for language barrier, I am sure eyo China we cant fail to find an English speaking audience of like 1000 people + If the worst comes to the worst, nga I learn chinese and luhalabu and I go and laugh with those people also.’

Agaba Ronah one of her female fans asked, what has been your craziest experience with a fan to this date? Like are your fans generally cool people or have you had some stake incidences or very enthusiastic ones?

The Ugandan queen of comedy responded by saying, ‘I believe humans being love differently. My fans react to me differently and I also react to different them differently depending on their energy. But I’d to think me and the fans that we all ninjas and as long we understand each other like that..everyone is happy. So far I haven’t had any strange incidences yet. I think my ninja skills scare the ones that get ideas about doing funny things. ‘

While replying one of her fan’s question, Kansiime revealed that she will be releasing her 2nd kids album,

‘I am working on the second album which has 9 more songs. It will definitely be out by the end of this year with a concert. I am so serious about this that I’ve even planned a comprehensive children’s entertainment package. You just watch this space for the kalango.’

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