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Another Producer Man Pollo Beaten To Pulp By Thugs

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We have no idea what Uganda Police is doing about this whole issue is the famous gang called ‘Kifeesi’ which is full of experienced thieves and thugs that are of late terrorising Kampala City with their theft. They have created a bad reputation that has put Kampalans on tension especially when at public gatherings.

Yesterday the 3rd of February after fallen singer Radio was laid to rest at his home in Nakawuka located in Entebbe district, Chano8  was informed that Kifeesi thugs made a road block where they stole from many people and one of them who fell a victim was music producer Man Pollo of Zue Records.

Chano8 was further informed that the thugs were targeting nothing but his smart mobile phone which he refused to give away thus thumping him and taking it forcefully. Apparently the promoter is getting the best treatment in a yet to be identified hospital

Atleast Man Pollo’s beating had a clear reason of thieves wanting his smart phone but it follows two other serious beatings on music producers, one being the late Danz Kumapeesa of Jah Live Records who died because of the nasty head injuries he sustained from the up to know unknown people and producer Ronnie Da Don who was also thumped in the first week of December last year. Reasons why these two were beaten have been scanty since then.

Man Pollo is  the man behind songs like ‘International Baby’ by Beenie Gunter and Nina Roz, ‘Dora Dora’ by Nince Henry, ‘Medicine’ by  Rema and Aziz Azion, ‘My Lover’ by Geosteady, ‘Omulembe’ by Sheebah and Aziz Azion and 
‘Njabala’ by  Spice and B2C  and many others.

Chano8 prays for your quick recovery Mr Man Pollo

This is how producer Man Polo looks like after he was thumped by Kifeesi thugs


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