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APass Displays 2 Million Tie

APASS is one artiste who’s style of fashion can’t go without notice. If he’s not clad in tutters, Kanye West style, he’s smashing a well fitting suit and that’s exactly the fashion he displayed at the just concluded Abryanz style and fashion awards.

The artiste was clad in a black shirt, black pants shades and a black rare tie and that’s what we put our focus on.

Asked how much it cost him, the artiste said 2 million shillings. “This tie cost me 2 million shillings and I bought it on one of my tours.” He confirmed before adding that he was worth 3.5 million on what he was putting on.

Apass Tie

Apass wearing the ‘2 Million Tie’

The tie was of a plastic material and was cracked and he said its the material that makes it so expensive.

However, some of the people at the event disagreed with Apass saying he can’t afford such an amount to just spend it on a tie.

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