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Apass Squashes Gay Rumors.


Everyone knows no one makes it to the top without a scandal. Our rising dancehall star appears just recently found himself in a scandal.  When NTV’s Buddie Patrick called him gay, it was upsetting. We wanted to know why such an accusation because he is a ladies man from our point of view.

When we reached out he laughed it off and simply said “When you become a public figure you are going to be talked about, judged,and falsely accused, but what’s most important is that those who know you, know the truth.The truth is not determined by what people think of it. Remember, they say Silence Is Golden and that is my motto”

Other sources and friends say he has a girlfriend he adores. He doesn’t even know who Buddie is or why he is going after him, As they say ‘you only know you’re making it when you have haters’.


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