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Are Artistes Cheating Fans By Singing On A CD… Rwamiti Breaks It Down

In this Saturday edition of Ask Rwamiti, the Koona Na NTV presenter looks into the issue of artists using cd’s at shows whether they are cheating fans or not.

Most people who are doing really well at live performances have done a lot of upcountry performances which the folks over there are now used to especially Kadongo Kamu singers and now the fans have the feel and value of live music so they despise playback performances on CD.

Rwamiti breaks it down

Rwamiti breaks it down

This has therefore given artistes like David Lutalo and Bebe Cool an upper hand over their competitors because of spending a lot of time with their bands or having a background of performing with a live band. Today skills and talent is judged by whether you are a good musician by your ability to sing on live band and the fans are now more exposed.

Even people in other genres like King Saha, Eddy Kenzo, Bebe Cool, Jose Chameleone and many others have adopted live performances for their concerts. The more an artiste connects with his band and practices, the better he gets at a live performance. Fans here in some parts of urban areas don’t appreciate live band music to the full as yet, but It’s just a matter of time when they will all come on board.

When an artiste sings on CD Much as there is growth and appreciation of live music, whether you like it or not, artistes still have to use CDs. Much as we are trying to be like Western countries and copying their ideologies, we have not yet reached their level to demand for value for money. For instance a producer suggests that you should use a guitar or a piano in your song at an extra fee but then an artiste will say no. At times musicians don’t want to rehearse for their live performances because of laziness or lack of proper planning. Take for instance Ziza Bafana who returned from Sweden three days to his concert to prepare for a live band performance.

Although the concert was cancelled, it was going to be terrible. Many people don’t also want to use professional bands to play with at their performances because of the costs involved. This reduces the quality of the performance and hence the fans end up feeling cheated.

Jazz music

For me, I don’t think the growth of Jazz can be seen from the increased number of concert goers because most of these Kampala people follow jazz due to band wagon effect just to be seen as part. Very few people understand jazz music properly or even truly love it, very few television stations and radio stations play Jazz music like Radio One, Sanyu FM and after the jazz aimed shows, you never hear anything like jazz. We have great jazz musicians, but very few people actually understand jazz music to the core. People say Jazz is corporate but very few corporate listen to Jazz at home or embrace it in their private lives.

In short, the truth is live music has always been here for long, but faded away in a period of time and now is getting back on the scene. Although Jazz music as a genre, still has a long way to go in being appreciated.

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