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Are Ugandan Artistes Worth Endorsements? NTV Host Miles Rwamiti Breaks It Down

In our latest edition of Ask Rwamiti, he talks about endorsement deals for our artistes, are they worth it?

It is a big NO for me. I don’t think most of our artistes deserve to be the face of any product. This is a no go area for me as concerns our local artistes and the so called celebrities.

The reason being that, most of our artistes don’t just cut it. A brand ambassador or image of a product is supposed to inspire people and drive admiration into the public. Someone who is disciplined and a respectable role model. But look around, do you see any? Is there any person worth placing on a billboard to represent a product? For me, I see none.


The problem is that most of the artistes or so called role models are reckless, they don’t respect themselves, they don’t dress well and usually stink terribly because they rarely take a bath. How do you expect a serious company to endorse such a person for their products?

The issue of Brand endorsement is supposed to be a good thing, but the way it has been handled locally leaves a lot to be desired. In some developed countries or where the music industry has grown like in Nigeria, artistes are earning big from product endorsements.

When some artistes here in Uganda started signing contracts to advertise some products as brand ambassadors it looked like a positive step forward. The challenge came when artistes started mismanaging the deals and breaking rules that require a lot of discipline.

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