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Artist Review: A-PASS



A PASS is an ambitious young man who didn’t grow up in a musical family, but took a hobby and is now trying to make a career out of it. He has a shy personality which explains why he spends a lot of time creating music behind the glass rather than in front of the mic. Now he is up and has taken the microphone and everyone that has listened to his songs is wondering the same thing, ‘what took him so long??’

The ‘Am lovin star says WizKid is one of the international stars he would like to perform with.  And when it comes to likening his sound to any African artist it would be WizKid for us too. Listening to ‘Love infection’,’Mubigere’ and ‘Tetubatya’ and other older songs will prove the same.

This month Chano8 has the chance to sit down with A Pass and we must say he is going places and will be right behind him all the way to stardom. Get the full story in our Chano8 October issue coming out soon.


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