“Artistes Are Earning Some Money From It” – UMA President Cindy Hails Online Concerts Organised By Government

Social events which were one of the main sources of income for local artistes are still on suspension because of the outbreak of Covid-19 in the country.

The suspension began on 18th of March 2020 and from that time, it has been a hard life for many artistes, especially those who didn’t have any side hustles and were only dependent on money from concerts and performances at hangout places like bars among other big gatherings.

The hard life has forced some artistes to do other things like venturing into businesses where as others have turned into ‘beggars’ who have been seen asking for help from anyone willing to help them including the government.

Uganda National Cultural Center (UNCC) and UgaTunes which is a new digital platform, with the help of government came up with the idea of organising the Ug Connect Virtual Concert where artistes will be paid to perform for their fans virtually.

Music promoter Juma Balunywa of Balunywa Promotions was hired to organise this concert which started on 17th of July 2021 and will be happening every Saturday until social events are allowed to resume normally.

Meanwhile, much as some artistes have rubbished this concert, singer Cindy Sanyu who is also the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president hailed it.

“It is just the beginning of this concert and I ask us to be patient. Although there are any things they need to fix, we need to accept that there is some money that artistes are earning from it because during this time, there is no way an artiste can perform at a show apart from the E-concert” Cindy said in an interview with Bukedde TV

Cindy also said that this virtual concert has in a way opened the music industry although social events are still not allowed to run  normally

“I thank the E-concert that in a way, it has opened the industry although it is not yet opened. Many things are still hard these days but they are making it work, let’s appreciate them”

Singer Cindy Sanyu hailed the ongoing virtual concerts organised by government for local artistes to earn money following the suspension of social events

Cindy is one of the artistes who have been booked to perform at these concerts but she has of late been too busy doing her job as the UMA president. She however promised to perform for her fans as soon as she gets some breathing space


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