Where Are They? Artistes Who ‘Disappeared’ In 2017

After Bebe Cool released a list of artistes he thought performed well and deemed fit to be applauded, social media went up in flames as some artistes who missed the now unpopular list also went hey wire and took up arms against the Gagemel boss. They called him all sorts of names and threw jibes at him questioning his moral authority to come up with such a list which only happens to be his personal opinion that he is entitled to.

Since then several artistes have come up with their own lists naming the top artistes and hits they thought were worth the hype. There were common names that dominated most of those lists including those made by the so called experts in the media industry like Fik Famaica, Spice Diana, YKee Benda, Vinka, Sheebah, David Lutalo, B2C and Geosteady

 So what does that say about the so-called ‘big artistes’ who did not feature on most of lists dominated by young guns? The likes of Jose Chameleone, Bobi Wine Irene Namubiru, Juliana Kanyomozi, Radio & Weasel, Eddy Kenzo, Golden Band, and Bebe Cool himself just got a few mentions here and there and that was it. However, this is the subject for discussion for another day as a lot of media space has already been awash with similar discussions.

Bebe Cool and Eddy Kenzo have since been at logger heads and fighting verbal ars in the media after the release of the list

So when all the sour-grapping and hullabaloo about some artistes not making it to lists was going-on, there is a special category of artistes who decided to do the disappearing act or resort just to making noise on social media as they engaged their followers in petty fights. Other than producing music, or appearing on stages, they were busy in the gutters or typing thousands of word per second like robots, even faster than they can say ‘hello’ in a mic.

Well, in no particular order, we name some of those artistes who disappeared in 2017 and deserve their own list of those who went mute;


One of the most talented and vibrant Ragga and dance hall artistes, Bafana ruled the airwaves and clubs with bangers and hits that got partiers dancings in 2016. He even game himself the titie Katonda Wa Ragga   The god of Ragga’. Many people disputed this as they were busy dancing to his tunes like Gyayo Ntekeyo, Tuli Majje ,  MAVUUNYA , Akalulu. He featured in many shows and even held his own concert dubbed ‘Agende Tuli Majje’ that was sold out.  .However fast forward 2017, he went mute and no one knows why.


He spent most of his time online ‘speaking out his mind’ as he likes to call it and engaged in verbal fights with his follows and other artistes. He made several TV and Radio appearances and did controversial interviews that kept him in the lime light. However, musically no one remembers any projects by the young versatile Reggae and dance hall artiste in 2017.

 Some of his ardent followers and fans argue that, he released some ‘serious’ songs but when challenged to mention the songs, the silence is as loud as a grave. He promises this year to be fire with a new album on the cards. Fingers crossed, we wait to see what happens.


The former Blue *3 singer had a wonderful year in 2015 that climaxed with a flawless concert ‘Up Close with Lilian Mbabazi’ at Kampala Serena Hotel which gave her momentum with a good run in 2016 where she featured in several shows and even had her own theme nights with her band in many hangouts spread during the week. We however, cannot explain what happened but everything seemed to have gone mute in 2017.


He was threatening to be the next best thing to happen to Ugandan music after his block buster hit song  Dangerous dominated the airwaves in 2016. Many people had predicted that he would be one of the artsites to look out for in 2017. However, instead we are still looking for him and it’s 2018.


Just like many of the artistes named above, Namubiru had some good project like  NSONYIWA , ADDICTED Ft Maro , Nakukolaki  and Nze Nawe Ft Dr Hilderman in 2016 and even held an end of year concert. As one of the top artistes we expected some consistence; however she decided to press the mute button in 2017 with some sources claiming she had taken a sbatical to attend to family matters.


This man is actually on this list purely on ‘technical grounds’ because he actually had some music in 2017. Unfortunately the songs were just average for his high standards and did not cross our ears or eyes on screens like some of his previous songs that were irresistible. With a few stage appearances here and there, he also varnished in thin air last year.


After a series of flopped concerts in 2015 and 2016, it seems, Aganaga decided he has had enough. He has since gone into hiding with some snoops claiming they spotted him selling shoes in Owino or something like that. We hope he can make a musical comeback though this year.


The rap queen has been on top of her game ever since she came onto the music scene. However, a combination of events in her personal life turned her career upside down. It all started when reports surfaced that she had run mad in Nairobi while others claimed she ran bonkers after taking to drugs. However, the latest that we landed on is that, she is in the US after seeking asylum following the ‘public declaration’ that she is gay but now free. We have since missed her on the music scene.

The list of artistes who disappeared last here from the scene is rather long and we can’t exhaust it in one article. However, you can join the discussion on our Facebook page here https://web.facebook.com/chano8magazine/ and tell us what you think. You can also make your own list.


There are these ones who have completely varnished from the scene ane we kindly ask anyone out there to updates us on there where about. They include; Coco Finger, Jamal, GNL Zamba, Big Trill, Peter Miles,  Sarah Zawedde, Young Mulo, Nince Henry, Phina Mugerwa Masanyalaze, Lady Mariam – Tinda Tine,Chance Nalubega, Jackie Chandiru, Sylver Kyagulanyi, Qute Kaye, Catherine Kusasira, Henry Tigan, Buthaman, Sylivia Namugenyi, Angella Kalule, Desire Luzinda and many others out there.

Coco Finger has been lost from the music scene for many years now




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