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Artistes Excite Revellers At Pearl Rhythm With Fresh African Sounds

Last Saturday 24th October, 2015, the Pearl Rhythm festival an annual event that celebrates the finest of Uganda’s authentic artistic products was held at the National Theatre grounds with glitz and glamour. There was something different too with the organizers sticking to working with reliable artistes that have undergone mentorship under the Pearl Rhythm stage Coach as opposed to big name artistes who usually disappoint at the last minute.

The festival aimed at making grass root contemporary arts accessible, was kick-started in 2012 and has since steadily grown every year in talent, quality and entertainment as an annual major event on the entertainment calendar to strengthen the independent music scene in Uganda. The festivals have also provided Ugandan artistes with a platform to shine and connect with their respective audiences as they share in the joy and expression of passion and love for the arts with multi-disciplinary performances, interactive discussions and exhibitions.

Last Saturday organizer assembled stars with the Ugandan music theme in mind which featured artists such as Haka Mukiga, Anne Nassanga (alias Afrie), Saava Karim, Sammy Kasule, Afrigo Band, Joe Kahirimbanyi of Qwela Band and Saxophonist Michael Kitanda among others who put up energetic performances to the amazement of the fans who could not hide their excitement.


Rap artiste J.Wonder excites the crowd with his flow

Through the years, the festival has featured some of Uganda’s leading world music and alternative artists before such as Suzan Kerunen, Myko Ouma, Kaz Kasozi, Most Wanted Band, Jamila Nasanga, Sempeke Bisaso, Hakim Kiwanuka, Jovan Kiyinji, Kinobe Herbert, Harry Lwanga, Jamal, Qwela, Joel Sebunjo, The Magic Horns, Jackie Chandiru, Ceasar Kajura and the city blend band, The Undercover Brothers, Arpeggio, Charles Obina, Raymod Parwot and Watmon Troupe.


Revellers enjoying bites at the festival

The main organizer and host of the event, Susan Kerunen was in good spirits serving as MC of the night and kept proceedings flowing in order and as usual, there was live music enjoyed in its raw form by revelers as they cheered their favorite artistes on.

“The Pearl Rhythm festival gives world music and authentic Ugandan artists a platform to perform, connect with each other and create future music projects with the aim of promoting collaborative working across the whole creative industry in Uganda”. Susan said while explaining the rationale behind the festival.


Ushers desplay list of Uganda Waragi cocktails

With the African spirits in the Ugandans lifted higher by events sponsors Uganda Waragi, revelers enjoyed and shared in the happiness as they celebrate their 50th anniversary this year. Speaking on the significance of this partnership, Rhona Namanya, Brand Manager-Uganda Waragi said,

“The Pearl Rhythm festival is a celebration of Ugandan arts particularly music and creativity. Uganda Waragi, that has been fondly named the Spirit of Uganda, is celebrating all things that are unique to the Pearl of Africa and the true Ugandan spirit and is honored to support and further the talent of Uganda’s leading world music and alternative artists”.

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