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Artistes Now Resort To Fighting Social Media Tax Through Music

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Like they warned, today Wednesday the 11th of July, some entertainers took the lead in a peaceful demonstration at Kampala Constitutional Square commonly known as City Square, to show dissatisfaction over the newly implemented social media and mobile money taxes 

However before that could happen, some artistes decided to also pass their same dissatisfaction through songs.

Gael Will, a prominent social media musician who mostly does covers was the first one to do a song about the current situation and his song is titled VPN. Because of his tag of redoing songs, he borrowed legendary Kadongo Kamu singer Fred Masagazi’s ‘Atanawa Musolo’ song’s chorus in his tune.

‘VPN’ stresses a point of how those social media users who cannot afford to pay the social media tax are facing it hard to access the Over The Top services like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram among others


Before a day could pass, Luga Flow singer Lil Pazo of the ‘Genda Ogule Emotoka’ song fame also composed his version titled ‘Mutujeko Omusolo’ which is Luganda ‘remove the tax from us’. He is calling upon the government  to kindly scrap off this tax which he says is hard for many Ugandan social media users to pay.

These are so far some of the released songs but others are definitely coming up because the taxes are levied on people whose voice is mainly represented by their gift to sing.

Besides the musicians, Fun Factory, a comedy group also tackled the same issue in their previous comedy skits last Thursday at National Theatre

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