More Artistes And Presenters Blast Uganda Entertainment Awards


The Uganda Entertainment Awards announced the nominees for this year’s awards gala slated to take place on the 19th of August at Kampala Serena hotel but already, some of the stake holders have started showing their disapproving of some of the categories either for not featuring or their categories not appearing anywhere.


Not happy:BigTril

This year’s nomination list has no Hip-hop category yet it’s one of the top music genres in Uganda with artistes like Navio, Keko, BigTril, The Mith among others and this was pointed out by Reef HD yesterday evening when he appeared on the Beat show on NTV.


Urban TV’s Shovon

Aside from that, Urban Tv skizzy presenter King Shovon Malcolm termed them as ‘crappy’ for not nominating him and Judithiana who presents Saloon talk in his post on social media which read:

“These Uganda entertainment awards are the greatest joke ever. Ask yourself a simple question, which are the top three entertainment shows in Uganda or presenters right now?”
“look if you going to nominate according to who is your friend or who you don’t like then that’s how you lose credibility. I decided to contact them and find out why i wasn’t nominated and their stupid response was that you do a lot of international content and then, how can you nominate female entertainment presenters and you don’t nominate Judithiana? Are you sick? She got one of the biggest shows right now.” Crappy awards’ . She wrote

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