Artistes Who Are Destined For A Greater 2018

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The Ugandan music industry has greatly improved over the years. At least musicians have realized that they can earn a living off their voices and it will be even greater if only cooperate companies can learn to trust the Ugandan musicians more.

Today, we are looking at artistes we think are going to give the rest a run for their money and we base this on the fact that they had a great 2017.

Fik Fameica

Fik Fameica, contrary to what many think didn’t come in 2017. He has been around before and the songs that he did before that come to mind include ‘Pistol’ and ‘Mbega Wa Baala’. They marked his entrance to the industry but it is in 2017 that he became a problem. At the end of last year, he was definitely one of the best artistes after songs like ‘Byenyenya’ and ‘Kutama’. He really dominated the year in that he was the last to perform during WizKid’s performance at cricket oval. If he can keep up with that vision, 2018 is definitely going to be his year.

Ykee Benda

You can’t talk about the music industry last year without talking about Ykee Benda. He has been the best artiste last year, thanks to songs like ‘Superman’, ‘Byonkola’ and ‘Malaika’ among others. He was impressive in coke studio and also had a successful listener’s party at fame lounge. Keeping that pace, this year is also going to be his.


She first came onto the scene as a dancer, then was hired as an artiste manager at Swangz before she became an artiste. Many doubted that move but Vinka proved us wrong with songs like ‘Malaika’ and ‘Overdose’ with Kent and Flosso. Despite the fact that she even hasn’t been on the scene for a year, 2018 is her time to shine even more.

Lydia Jazmine

Jazmine has been on the scene for more than four years. Unlike the above, she has been singing the longest but her career seemed stagnant for all that time despite for a few hits along the way. Last year, she was one of the best performers in coke studio and her songs also received good airplay. Entering 2018 with ‘Masuuka’ which is a fantastic song, this year will surely determine her talent.



Imagine Latinum gave us hits like ‘Man away’, ‘Baabo’ and ‘Amanya Gange’ when he was still in school and worse of all in his senior six. Now that he finished last year, imagine what he’s going to deliver for us this year under his new management.


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