Artistes Who Proved Their Singing Prowess In 2017

All photos By Habre Muriisa/Chano8

Every passing year, Uganda’s music industry is growing at a high speed and a special round of applause goes out to all the music producers, songwriters, video directors, managers and off course the artistes themselves who sing the songs we enjoy and make us dance.

Welcome to the New Year 2018 and congratulations upon successfully accomplishing 2017 which had its challenges and achievements. 2017 saw new artistes breakthrough where as the ‘old’ artistes were trying hard to maintain their positions because the competition was stiffer than it used to be before.

There are artistes who really had an encouraging fans reception and if at all they maintain the pace, it will earn them a bigger fan base on top of turning them into celebrated and sought after artistes.

In no order, the following artistes had successful hit songs throughout 2017 that have topped charts on different radio and TV stations. Not like other artistes didn’t put out what was expected of them but these artistes for some reason proved to their fans that good music can also come out of them despite the fact that some of them are new in music industry..

Ykee Benda

You can’t talk about the music industry last year without talking about Ykee Benda. He has been the best artiste last year, thanks to songs like ‘Superman’, ‘Byonkola’ and ‘Malaika’ among others. He was impressive in coke studio and also had a successful listener’s party at fame lounge. Keeping that pace, this year is also going to be his.



Signed under Swangz Avenue, Vinka joined the music industry early last year with a debut song called ‘Level’. She later made other tunes like ‘Stylo’ featuring Irene Ntale and several others until her recent release ‘Malaika’ which she closed the year with.

Her ability to keep in her fans ears by dropping tune by tune also earned her a lot of trust from the fans who were always hungry for next song and we hope she continues with that pace.

Sheebah Karungi.

Doing her thing under Team No Sleep, Sheebah has been in the game for a long time and for the past two years, She has truly showcased her singing potential. She did it again in 2017 with hit songs like ‘John Rambo’, ‘Enjala’, ‘Binkolera’, ‘Muwe’ among others not forgetting her recent sold out ‘Karma Queen’ album listeners’ party

On top these hit songs, Sheebah has been throwing her fans into frenzy with her energetic stage performance at the various events she performed at.

Fik Fameica

Luga Flow artiste Fik Fameica came on to the scene in 2016 but he did not get as much reception as he got last year that saw him release songs like ‘Kachima’, ‘Kutama’, ‘Byenyeya’ among others. When it came to rapping and stage performance, Fik was on top of his game.


He is one of the youngest Dancehall artistes who took the entertainment scene by storm with his debut tune dubbed ‘Amanya Gange’. ‘Baabo’. ‘Man Away’, ‘Kagwilawo’ and his freshest ‘Baani’ song that came later were a confirmation that the youngster is born for the thing.  

At just 19 years, Latinum performed at big stages last year for example Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards 2017, WizKid Live in Kampala concert all because of his song’s relevance on music scene.  




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