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Artists Are Beefing Just To Get Attention Says Rwamiti

Miles Rwamiti

Miles Rwamiti

You have seen the media being awash with stories of artists fighting each other of recent especially from the Goodlyfe camp which has since split into two camps. The camps Team ‘No Sleep’ formed by former manager Jeff Kiwa comprising Sheeba Karungi, Allan Kiwa, Sam Mukasa, Pallaso, King Saha, & AK 47 and ‘Goodlyfe Reloaded’ headed by Radio comprising Radio himself, Sizzaman and others with Chagga as the manager have been at each other’s throats literally almost slitting each other to pieces. Weasel who had remained undecided for long has finally made up his mind to join Radio’s side.

The recent feuds that started as a disagreement between Radio, Weasel and former manager Jeff Kiwa over money, property and contract disputes attracted more people. Some of the fights have since turned bloody with Police arresting many crew members and later releasing them on bond.

Jef arrested

Some Goodlyfe crew members were arrested

Radio arrested

Radio was wounded and also arrested after fight

You also probably heard about the long running beef between some of the big boys in the game Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine and Jose Chameleone. Although the latter has since stopped fighting and turned peace ambassador denying any involvement in the Goodlyfe fights , there still remains bad blood between him and some artists and players in the industry.

Gagamel boss Bebe Cool on the other side has since stopped attacking Bobi Wine claiming publically that, the beef only helps to ‘promote’ his rival Bobi Wine. Although lyrically we still get the feel of beef, we are not sure whether they have actually stopped fighting.

But the big question remains, are these fights real? Or these beefs between artists are just to attract attention and giving artists mileage in the media as a form of promoting upcoming concerts and staying relevant to the masses.

Music critic Miles Rwamiti thinks they are not real. Most are stage managed and others are ‘created’ for public attention, sympathy and as a marketing strategy. Writing in his monthly column ‘Ask Rwamiti’ in July issue of Chano8 Digital Magazine, the ‘Koona’ presenter on NTV says that the act is no longer something the fans like and are tired of.

“Most of the beef is just a cheap attempt to get attention. For instance it baffles me that someone like Pallaso who had an opportunity to sing with the best duo, Radio and Weasel, has instead resorted to beating them up. What makes it worse is that Weasel is his brother.” Rwamiti said

Rwamiti also agrees that some of the major artists have since withdrawn from the ‘fighting business’ and are now concentrating on doing music.

“An artist fighting is a thing of the past. These days major stars like Bebe Cool, Chamilli, Bobi Wine and Navio will not be caught dead fighting. They realized that this is not what people want and that their fans just want them to release good music and work towards noble causes.” He added.

Rwamiti who writes extensively on topical issues about the entertainment industry and music in particular, also gives insight into way forward for artists and the music industry in Uganda. He usually responds to questions asked by Chano8 Digital magazine readers and you can get all the details of his discussion in July issue of the magazine by clicking on the magazine cover on this blog. You can also send questions and opinions by contributing on our Contributing on or Facebook Page or follow us on twitter @chano8


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