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Local Artists Skeptical About Davido Concert.


Davido is coming back to Uganda

With less than 10 days left to Davido concert taking place at Freedom City this December, Cheinedu Ikohor the organizer under Cece Entertaiment, is facing a lot of pressure due to past demons resurfacing.

If you remember correctly, this isn’t the first time Davido is coming to Kampala. Last year, he was set to perform on the same day as the mighty ‘Battle of the Titans’ which was not in favor of the artist and not good for the organizers reputation too.

Rumor is that, local artists are not lining up to perform at the next upcoming Davido event due to the mistrust that exists with Cece Entertainment. The previous international artist the company tried to bring was Mavado who never made an appearance on stage.

Davido is currently one of Africa’s biggest artist worldwide, with a number of hit songs under his  belt. If the show goes on without any usual hitches, it will be the big close of 2014 we have been waiting for. Chano8 will definitely be there.

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