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Artists To Watch Out For In 2015 (First Series)

A lot happened last year in the Ugandan music industry and we saw many artists rising up, falling, fighting and reconciling. As chano8, we are going to digest three artists every week who we think will take over the music industry this year.


10947298_858205864240095_8947907886000210204_nHe came to the fore last year with quite a number of tracks that kept the industry guessing where such talent has been hiding. His first track to penetrate was Tetubatya which he followed up with others like “Im loving” and the latest Tulikubigele.

The dancehall sensation has brought a new style in music and we believe 2015 is his for the taking if he remains focused and hard at work.

However his main challenge is that he has failed to learn how to perform because for the few times I’ve watched him, he has a crowd phobia but besides that, our eyes are wide open for A-Pass.


10941040_862601223801061_3126740142005297859_nThe Diva has been in the music industry for long and was at one time part of Obsessions dance and singing group and from there she became solo but things never worked for her until last year when Jeff Kiwa signed her and immediately, she began with “Ice cream”, a track that alerted people’s ears. She then followed it up with Twesana, Malidadi, and Love hater and so on. She is one artist who seems to be taking on the East African region by storm and 2015 is surely bright for Sheeba.



1544447_846077592098395_3346705922127798613_nHe hails from a musical family and with brothers Chameleon, Weasel and AK47, Pallaso has the urge to take on industry by storm. He has spent most of his career in the US but decided to come back last year to make a statement as a Mayanja. He quickly started off with “Amasso” a collabo with the Goodlyf duo of Radio and Weasel, then released other songs like “Mugongo”, I’m sorry as well as “Mundongo, Go down low with Sheeba. The song was able to cross boarders and the last we heard is that it’s still among the top three songs in Kenya.

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