Asfa: Designer Nominee, Gloria Wavamuno


Gloria Wavamunno is a Ugandan artist who launched her brand in 2009, shortly after graduating from art school in London, United Kingdom and working with renowned International Menswear Tailor Ozwald Boateng, on Savil Row.Gloria Wavamunno eponymous label was launched in 2009 in Kampala, Uganda. The brand’s light, eccentric clothing for women has received wide acclamation in the African World of fashion, as well as International acknowledgement.

The Brand offers a line of various simple structured tailored garments. The company is currently based in Kampala, Uganda.Gloria Wavamuno’s vision is to fuse the diverse, eccentric and vibrant world of African cultures, textures, fabrics and print, to the adaption of timeless and inventive garment constructions.


“For someone to feel just as they should; individual.”

Our core values include: Individuality, Femininity, and Culturally Free Evolvement.             The Brand hopes to grow in size, efficiency and with international attention on the focus of supporting to buy local designer products within Africa and Internationally. On a personal level, the designer continues to push her artistic boundaries to further understand, explore, evolve, and create pieces. Vote for her by going to the and follow the procedure to vote.

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