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SIMMA AFRICA is an African Fashion brand dealing in ladies’ gentlemen and children wear. SIMMA has an afro-urban flare mixing African print fabric with lace, chiffon, African bazaar, linen, leather, traditional silk, backcloth and animal prints. SIMMA designs for both commercial and fashion purposes. The commercial end covers constructive daily wear like African dresses, blazers, shirts, suits, bridal wear, red carpet looks, school uniforms and sweaters to mention but a few. The fashion and style section draws from an eccentric animalistic view. A fusion between techno, hard and metal rock, tribal drum beats, animal sounds, nature calls, serene environments, noisy bus stops and more enable SIMMA as a designer to sketch abstract and soft blends which then comealive in the workshops and are later seen on runways, artists, shops, brides and manyfashion forward individuals.

Natasha Kusiima is the creative director of the brand SIMMA AFRICA. She carries a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Makerere University. She attended City Parent’s School and St. Mary’s Kitende. After University she worked with several non-governmental organizations like Plan  International and Raising Voices and profit organizations like Lloyds British Testing. All the while running a family business at Stormchild which has a health club with a gym studio, sauna steam bath, bar and grill. Here she set up a small studio for her freelance photography and a tailoring workshop.

She has worked with  Lloyds British Testing, Plan International, Raising Voices Uganda, Stormchild ltd, Simma Africa, African Queen ltd, Silk Events, Flash Model Management, International School of Modeling.

Design works and achievements 2014

-On the 17th of May 2014 SIMMA AFRICA dressed the models of the international school of modeling for their first unveiling at Open House.

-On June 17th 2014 SIMMA AFRICA paired with Flash Model Management to showcase her designs at Silk Lounge.

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-On the 15th of August SIMMA AFRICA opened a stall in BOLD at First Floor Acacia Mall the leading distributor of African Clothing in East Africa.

-On September 11th 2014 SIMMA AFRICA unveiled the Black Pearl Collection at Silk Lounge sponsored by African Queen at Silk Lounge.

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