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Auditions Are On For Gossipers To Join Mary Luswata’s Scoop On Scoop

Gossip queen Mary Luswata early this week said she will not be hosting her program Scoop on Scoop that airs on Urban TV at 7PM and 9PM on weekdays.The program where Luswata talks about local celebrities has won her many enemies as well as fans.

She said she will be on a two week’s break away from her duties. However the interesting bit is that, the station is now looking for any one who can do gossip to show up at their offices for auditions and so far a few people have shown interest and auditioned.

Luswata lugambo

Mary Luswata

Although it sounds a good idea, the audition process was not well planned like other talent search competitions or reality TV shows and because of that, a lot of disorganisation is on screen with so much of raw stuff ending onto the screen not to forget some of the contestants are so ‘painful’ on the eye with the way they express themselves.

We hear people talk/laugh in the background and Luswata moving up and down in the background. Even after the ‘edited’ version is played, not so much improvement for something worth watching for more than a minute.


Luswata wanna be


Gossiper trying his luck


Giving it a try

We are not sure whether this is Luswata’s idea of sending viewers a message of ‘told you it’s not an easy job’ because the ‘potential replacements’ are not up to scratch so far.

And from the comments on the issue from scoop on scoop facebook  page so far, the fans are not amused with events going on so far and would rather she keeps on with her job.

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