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‘Azina Aseka’ Bebe Cool’s Long Awaited ‘African Sound’

Photos by Habre Muriisa

He called it the ‘African sound’ that was ‘requested by fans’ and Bebe Cool seems to nail it in that regard when it comes to his new song ‘Azina Aseka’, a Luganda word meaning ‘Dancing while laughing’. Written and produced by Andry, the tune was sang in three languages namely Luganda, English and Jamaican Patois and runs on a typical West African rythm which surely is slated to add onto his mileage in that part of the continent.

It’s a party song with lively beats that would hardly leave any one seated. It tells a story in which Bebe Cool meets a girl for the first time and falls in love with her. The other thing that hooks Bebe Cool to the girl is her eye catching dancing skills as she dances to African music that brings her closer to his heart.


Bebe Cool’s ‘Azina Aseka’ set to garner him more market in West Africa

‘Azina Aseka’ the song

Bebe Cool begins the song appreciating the girl from the day he met her, he later endorses her wit compliments on how she is too fine and makes him complete thus nobody can ever set them apart because they were meant to be.

In the second verse, Bebe Cool discloses how he loves the way the girl shakes her booty while dancing and he changes to Swahili telling her to dance more. He does not stop complimenting her. He calls her his number one and promises to give her everything she desires on a daily.

Since the song is about dance, Bebe Cool concludes by commending the girl for the stunning dance moves she pulls which tickle his fancy. This song follows many others Bebe Cool released this year like the fans favourite ‘Kabulengane’, ‘Dede’ among others currently rocking the airwaves and the song’s video shoot is slated for next week.

Listen to ‘Azina Aseka’ by Bebe Cool below


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