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Aziz Azion Releases His Highly Rated Kitte Video

Aziz Azion who recently had an amazing show at the theatre Labonita has finally released his latest song Kitte.

The video which is directed by Jahlive, not only shows Aziz Azion’s prowess, but also the improvement of the Ugandan music industry. Gone are the days of poor quality videos, now days artistes have improved their game so that they can easily compete on the international scene.

In an exclusive interview with Chano8 recently, Aziz Azion explained why he takes long to release songs,

Naturally I got used to releasing one song at a time, so I can be able to push that for sometime because in Uganda it’s hard to release many songs and push them at the same time.

He further goes on to say, ‘the media now days is difficult’ that’s why you have to put out one at time and see how it will perform.’

Have a  look at his Kitte video below.

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