Bad Black Admits That Kim Swagga Is The Father Of Her Child

Bad Black on Wednesday confirmed that Kim Swagga is the father of her last child after months of speculation whether it was Meddie Ssentongo or a list of other men that she has been dating.


Bad came out and disclosed who the father of her child is and it’s non other than Kim Swagga

Black real names Shanita Namuyimbwa has been keeping the public on the loop but last evening, she warned other women to go slow on Kim Swagga, not to hurt him and not to betray him because he’s his baby’s dad.

Am honesty with u bitches go slow plz. don’t hurt him, don’t betray him coz s ma dad davina, ma work s to protect him, guide him to like him forever coz of our beautiful baby gal. Remember behind him am so strong & determined,” she posted.


Bad Black’s baby father Kim Swagga

Just like you, we were also surprised that the fashionista Kim Swagga actually has a daughter and even if that is the case but with Bad Black going by the fact that the two were barely seen together in public. However, the relationship could have materialized at a time when Black still had money and would get whatever she liked because their daughter is aged between 2 to 3 years.


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