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Bad Black Hooked To A White Again

Last evening, as has always been the case, a celebrity made an appearance at the weekly Laftaz Comedy show. There was no better choice than recently freed jailbird Shanita Namuyimba, alias Bad Black. Show host Patrick Salvado welcomed the socialite to the stage, much to the delight of the awaiting crowd.

The question of the night popped up when Black was asked if she would return to her ex English fiancé Mr David Greenhalgh. The socialite-cum- musician in a calm voice said that David is from the past.

black and salvado 2

Bad Black blushes at a question asked as Salvado smiles

“David is my past now, just like some of the people who used to be my friends. I have a white boyfriend called Bradley.” She said.

The follow-up punch was quick-she was asked if he too has money. Black replied that she doesn’t relate with broke people.

Salvado also asked Black if she’s stupid like some people say, in regard to the way she allegedly conned Greenhalgh.

“A dumb person cannot get 11billion in just a second,” she coolly replied.

Bad Black1

Black showcased her newfound talent as she croons ‘Mud Guard’

Later Black sampled her only released track ‘Mud guard’ which excited the crowd before tipping  MC Mariachi 100,ooo shillings.

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