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Bad Black Inks ‘Wrong’ Brad Pitt Image As Tattoo

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The tattooist who inked what he thought was Brad Pitt’s face on socialite Bad Black’s back should think of acquiring more skills because according to the Brad Pitt we know and what was inked on Black’s arm are not even close to similar.

Anyway we shall not go deep in that matter, but over the weekend, Bad Black real name Shanitah Namuyimba shocked the country when she acquired a tattoo of American actor Brad Pitt’s head and accompanied it with words that read “I will love you forever Brad Pitt”

Black who has through the years claimed that Brad Pitt is the love of her heart decided to  manifest her strong love for him in that kind of way and since then critics have bashed her for acquiring what she thinks is Pitt’s tattoo yet the two don’t match at all.

Here is the image Bad Black said is Brad Pitt

It should be remembered that Bad Black gave her life to Christ at the ongoing series of prayers  organised by pastor Robert Kayanja dubbed  ‘77 Days Of Glory’ (77 Dogs). This was after she was released from prison where she had spent 4 years over fraud reasons.

Those who have been attending the prayers confirmed to us that one in awhile she always spotted in the congregation which implied that she may have totally transformed her life to a holly one but the getting this tattoo proved that she is still the old Bad Black.

Question. What was Bad Black the one we know embraced salvation thinking of by getting the tattoo? If she insisted on having it, why didn’t the tattooist bring it out properly? We are not here to judge after all but we could may be link it to the fact that she had been off the showbiz scene and this was one of the ways to make a comeback probably.

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