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Bad Black To Start Preaching, Builds Church

The latest news we have is that former convict Bad Black real names Shanita Namuyimbwa is undergoing preaching practices as she’s soon becoming a pastor and to prove how serious she is with her new venture, the socialite is constructing a church in Bugoloobi which is four months away to completion.

“Good morning friends if da lord god has anointed me, blessed me to build him a holy temple will you come and we serve da lord our God or you will judge me??? am building world healing international church for da lord.” she posted on her timeline.


A look at the Church that Bad Black is building


Bad Black leaves court before finally getting her freedom

When contacted to confirm whether what she posted was true, the musician said that the church has cost her over 180million and besides bringing pastors to preach the word of God, she will take matters in her own hands. “I am anointed and this means I have all that it takes to preach the word of God. After my church is complete, I will be leading all prayers and preaching to the people the word of God,” She said.

Bad Black was imprisoned for four years after it was alleged that she stole shs11billion from his ex-boyfriend David Greenhalgh and after her release, she held a press conference where she confirmed that she’s saved.

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