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Bakri Talks About His Music Career

Dancehall singer Bakri recently opened up about his music career. In an exclusive interview with Chano8 the singer started off by expressing his pain after he lost his former partner/colleague AK47.

‘He was more of a friend than a partner and it took me by storm, but rest in peace AK47,’ he said.

He then talked about team no sleep saying that it was a good idea, it was major, epic and came up within no time yet music groups take time.

Bakri also defined himself as an artiste and a tailor who maybe couldn’t fulfill the things Team no sleep had put on the table.

‘So I had to lay back because I needed time. Everyone in the group had been there and had a very big experience and they taught me so much, but Bakri is now a solo artiste,’ he said.  

Looking at his current career, Bakri is working with Dj Shiru on the woman mix. The spin doctor indeed helped nurture Bakri’s career from a tender age to where he is now.
The two are also working on several other projects together, which should see Bakri’s career skyrocket.

Have a look at the exclusive interview below.

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