Bayimba Festival Changes Venue To Lake Victoria Shores

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Almost everyone will agree that that last edition of Nyege Nyege Festival was among the best events last year going by the number of people who attended, the performances and organization. It ranked highly than Bayimba which has for long been one of the best events.

According to the organizers of Bayimba which has for the past ten years been held at National Theatre, they are taking it to a new spacious location in the midst of a leafy environment at the shores of Lake Victoria.

“We have been thinking about the long-term viability of the festival so that we can continue to go on for another 10 years. We have been exploring different approaches to sustain our annual festival and are extremely excited to have been able to acquire an amazing location,” says festival director Faisal Kiwewa.

The dates of the festival will shift as well. Whereas the festival was traditionally held during the third weekend of September, it will now be held during the first week of August, to work in sync with climatological realities and to attract an increasingly varied audience.

“Although it will be a challenge to get the new spot ready for the 11th edition of the festival – with a couple of month to bring our plans to life – we are excited to embark on this adventurous journey, together with a growing list of equally exciting partners. And we invite old and new friends and fans to join us in this adventure,” says the festival director.

The new location is well away from but easily reached by road from Kampala (42 km) and Jinja (60 km) while it will also be reachable by boat. Information about transport as well as accommodation options will follow in due time, as will information about the programme and line-up and ticket prices and sales.

Check out one of the highlights of last year’s 10th edition

The immediate advantage of the new location includes on-site parking, which will eliminate this logistical challenge faced thus far, as well as room for on-site accommodation. Artistic programming will also benefit from the new space, with plenty of room to spread out and an inspirational environment that lends itself for some innovative design and layout, a great opportunity to refresh and revitalise what the festival has been offering its fans.


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