Bayimba Foundation To Honour Exiled Ugandan Singer Geoffrey Oryema

For someone spending 39 good years in exile, nothing would beat the joy that grows in their heart especially if they are set for a mega home-coming. We are talking about exiled,  internationally renowned, Ugandan artiste Geoffrey Oryema  who will be performing live at the first edition of the Bayimba Honours annual series of music shows on Saturday the 17th of December at Lohana Academy organised by Bayimba Foundation.

Born to the then cabinet minister in former Ugandan president Idi Amin Dada’s era in 1953, Oryema was forced to go to exile after the death of his father Erinayo Wilson Oryema. It was not easy for him to escape to exile as he was smuggled across the Ugandan border in trunk of a car.


Exiled Ugandan singer Geoffrey Oryema performing live at the Bayimba Honours show

Oryema will be the headlining act come D-day and is expected to put up a splendid performace considering he is eagerly awaiting to step on home soil for the first time in a long time. However, the Bayimba Honours platform is not recognising him alone but will also boast of showcases from KSO, Luga Flow Veteran Babaluku and Julius Lugaaya.

Hello Uganda, My name is Geoffrey Oryema from the land of Anaka, I can’t express how happy and greatly honoured I am to be coming home to my motherland to perform for you. We will be more than happy to entertain so buy your ticket now before the sell out. Looking forward to seeing you very soon.” Oryema posted a video of himself on Facebook


More about Geoffrey Oryema

Oryema garnered his worldwide reputation after he released his second album in 1993

He was once signed to Real World record label

He is currently signed to Sony International based in France where the artiste stays from the time of exile.

He has 7 albums namely Exile (1990), Beat the Border (1993), Night to Night (1996), Spirit (2000), The Odysseus/Best Of (2002), Words (2004), From The Heart (Released on Long Tale Recordings) (2010)

He sings in Acholi (his mother tongue), Swahili, English and French languages

To the fans and Ugandan music lovers, Lohana Academy located on plot 50-54 Prince Charles Drive in Kololo is the place to be for all the action at an entry fee of UG Shs 100,000 ordinary, 200,000 VIP, 3 million for a table (of 10 people) and tickets are available at

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