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BBS CEO Joe Kigozi In Trouble Over ‘Mismanagement Of Funds’

NBS TV is known for hiring other station presenters but about a year ago, they got a taste of their own medicine when Buganda Broadcasting Service BBS Terefayina shopped one of their own.

Joe Kigozi was then both a presenter and a Public Relations Officer at the Kamwokya-based station but BBS offered greater packages to him, among which he was to take up the station as the CEO.

Well, he has comfortably occupied that position for a year and some months until things started going wrong for him.

Joe Kigozi

It is reported that, most of the station employees have gone months without pay which has resulted into a crisis meeting that saw Kigozi being suspended until further notice.

However, information moving around is that, the former NBS sports presenter is on leave in Canada but the rumour reaching our desk from inside sources says otherwise.

Kigozi’s suspension apparently is to allow the Luganda broadcaster resolve how advertising revenue disappeared without any trace, leaving the station’s employees to go more than two months without pay.

It is also said, the station has hired auditors to go through the transactions of the station from the time it was started a year ago.

BBS Terelyina has established itself as one of the best Luganda TV stations in Uganda, belonging to Buganda Kingdom and also one of the few stations that has a big percentage of youths as its employees.


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