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Be Bold, Go Bald

Everyone looks good with hair, but it takes a few to look good without it. To look good without hair is a natural look, one you are born with. However, the look has just one stem that is in everyone; be Bold. Simple.  Unless you are bold enough you can’t manage to pull off the bald look hair style.

Not every head shape I think would shoot this style to the sky. We all fall either into dog or cat category. The cat-faced people are more suited for the hairless move, as their heads usually turn out round. The dog-faced can pull it off too, but it will definitely come easier for the cats.

Bald head2 Bald head3

Being bald is not a result of fashion by the way; it is an effect of a cocky strong attitude. You must have the gut to stare right back into the eyes of whoever looks at you and do not let yourself be intimidated.

Bald head4

Like all aspects of fashion and pop culture, it can be played with in various ways. You can half-shave or shave your head fully, tint in many different colours, play with the level of hair you leave on your head, and accessorize it.

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