When The Beach ‘Came To Town’ At Bayimba 10th Edition

Corporate companies selling their brands or promoting new product as well, as event organizers are getting creative every day. Well with competition getting tighter in this difficult economy, they have no choice but to become more creative so as to attract and retain clients.

Many of such creative promotions and activations have been seen at major events happening with the most recent happening at the just concluded 10th edition of Bayimba Festival of Arts at the National Theatre where Uganda Waragi excited fans with their Coco promo in which a beach setting took over.

The campaign dubbed Loco for Coco in which they sold their Coconut flavoured Uganda Waragi especially to the youth who had turned up for the three-day do to enjoy live music, poetry and other forms of art on display. The girls who tend to rule at these events generally dominated as they sipped at different cocktails available to them.

The ladies enjoyed the beach feel

And while the stage performances were thrilling with the likes of Jose Chameleone, Cindy, H.E Bobi Wine, Chance Nalubega, the Coconut pop-up beach was also a major attraction. Complete with beach tables and a cabana-type setting, you could literally dig your feet into the sand while you were served luscious cocktails by attractive girls dressed in flimsy beach outfits.

 Of course with many options of drinks available on the market, it had to be something really exciting to pull the youth and it was ‘The cocktail revolution’ which has now taken Kampala by storm doing the magic. Whereas many opted for the traditional beer in a cup, a good number of people preferred their drinks stirred and shaken. The cocktails were affordably priced and had unique names. One particular favorite was the “Tropic Like its Hot”.

And there was no better place to enjoy these than at a festival, with the best of contemporary art to go with it. It was certainly a buffet of arts where there were many options to choose from with a cocktail of drinks.   

The UG cocktails were the big deal at the beach over the weekend.



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