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Beautiful Jazz with Norman & Tizer Band at Meet & Greet in Club Guvnor.



City club Guvnor was packed to the maximum on 1st August with Joe and Jazz fans who were excited and could not wait for the night to start so they could meet the charming Joe Thomas. Guvnor was fully branded with Nile Gold colors and even the beautiful ushers where clad in the same vibrating forest green.


Norman Brown and the Tizer band showed up as early as 8pm, they warmly greeted the guests and shook a couple of hands before going ahead to play some of their beautiful and soulful tunes. They did not stay long but made the most of their time with their fans.

The guests were treated to prizes to be won after purchasing 4 Nile Gold beers, these included designer perfumes and wallets. That wasn’t all, the organizers served barbecue platters with delicious snacks to every table. Other celebrities in attendance were Myco Ouma, Irene Ntale and others.

The disappointment came in later at midnight when the organizers announced that Joe Thomas, the ‘love scene’ singer was unable to make it. He was still held up in rehearsals at Serena where the annual nile gold jazz safari was to be held. That didn’t dampen spirit as everyone left expecting the best show 3rd  Oct  Friday that was sold out a week prior to the event.


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