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Beauty Products Company To Revive Singer Qute Kaye’s Career

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Following what happened on Thursday morning after forgotten singer Qute Kaye was nabbed red handed and later arrested in a failed attempt to steal car headlights in Busega a Kampala City suburb, some people have come out to show their concern about the state of at one time one of Uganda’s biggest artistes.

First of all was good a Samaritan identified as Mycor Lu who bailed him out on the very day of his arrest and since then, more people willing to help Qute Kaye have emerged. Among them is one of Uganda’s top local beauty products companies Sure Deal who have offered to help the artiste in anyway like reviving his music career, securing him a better house to stay in with his family, as well as getting him nice cloths.

You still have your talent and I want us to help you rejuvenate. I will buy you new cloths so that you look like the Qute Kaye we all knew, I also want to get you a house you will be living in with your wife and I will take care of you as well. Said the boss Sure Deal products.

Meanwhile, thankful Qute Kaye came out to humbly apologise to his fans and well wishers over what he did and his words he said. “I know there are many questions with little answers but all I can say is I really ask you to forgive me and I welcome all your prayers

It should be remembered that Qute Kaye was in the news again when he gave his life to Jesus Christ at Pastor Kayanja’s Rubaga Miracle Centre  church during the 77 Days Of Glory (77 DOGS) series of fellowships after a longtime of being forgotten

Pastor Kayanja offered to take care of him and as a matter of fact, Kayanja bought him a brand new Toyota Prado, paid for his daughter’s school fees and since then we had not yet heard of Qute Kaye until when has nabbed in petty theft case.

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