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Bebe Cool And Mary Luswata End Feud

It’s often said that the practice of peace and reconciliation is one of the most vital and artistic of human actions. When Bebe Cool along with his Gagamel band were performing at Liquid Silk yesterday, things turned out to be surprising when the love you everyday star called on Mary Luswata to join him on stage.

Mary, who has always taken jibes at Bebe Cool on her Sqoop on Sqoop show was rather ecstatic when she stepped on stage, it’s like they had been had been friends for a long or it was all an act. Bebe Cool asked the presenter which song would she like for him to perform and she said Go Mama. Just as she had the requested, the Gagamel band went ahead and put an electric perform which left the fans rather excited.

Bebe Cool and Mary Luswata interact

Bebe Cool and Mary Luswata interact

It’s safe to say that the beef between Mary Luswata and Bebe Cool didn’t hold any water or it’s dead until further notice. This is exactly what the Ugandan music industry needs, where presenters, media and musicians put their differences aside in order to help the industry grow. Who knows, Ugandan music could rule Africa at some point just like how West African music is currently ruling.

Until then we continue to hope for a better future for our music industry.

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