Bebe Cool And Zuena Celebrate 14 Years In A Relationship

It was around this time 14 years ago that BEBE Cool and Zuena started dating each other and little did they know that the relationship would later turn into a big family with five children and more to come.

When the two had met, Zuena was contesting in the Miss Uganda beauty pageants while Bebe Cool was just establishing himself as one of Uganda’s finest artistes.

Bebe and Zuena

Bebe Cool and Zuena have been together or 14 years

“14 years ago I met a dreadlocked young man rocking an army green vest & Jeans at crane chambers, little did i know that he was the one Allah had chosen to be my husband and father of my angels. We’ve climbed hills & passed through valleys but i wouldn’t have wanted it any better, we’ve achieved a lot but the best achievements are our babies. You’ve turned out to be my rock & pillar, I’m really proud of the husband & dad you’ve turned out to be. I know you always say you’re not good enough for me but to me you’re more than a blessing & will be forever thankful to Allah for having met you. I love you Musa Bebe Cool.” Zuena said of her husband.

Meanwhile, even Bebe Cool had some touching words for the mother of his children saying; “Today, me and my wife make 14 years since we met. It’s been a journey of ups and downs, thick and thin, good and bad. I must thank Allah for the wife i have in a friend like you. I may not be the best man you would have loved to have but I’m the best father to 5 kids you don’t regret mothering. Thank u for being the person you are to me and many people and may Allah grant you your prayers. I’m lucky to have met you.”

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