Bebe Cool Applauds Comedians Mad Rat And Chiko

If you missed Mad Rat and Chiko’s sold out Nseko Buseko show organised by Pixel Media, wait for next year because it is going to be annual according to what the CEO pixel Media told Chano8.

Last Friday the 7th of July, all roads led to Theatre Labonita where this long awaited show took place amid hundreds of fans who represented from different walks of life and among them was Big Size Bebe Cool who had a surprise performance.

However, before his performance, he first had a time to say thank you to the fans for supporting the comedy duo and applauded them upon successfully filling up Theatre Labonita which doesn’t come easy.

“Thank you so much for coming in large numbers. During our days, you used to take your song to a radio station but no one would listen to you but today I am so surprise to see that it no longer needs Bebe Cool, Chameleone of Bobi Wine to fill up Theatre Labonita. Give your selves a round of applause for supporting Mad Rat and Chiko.

Bebe Cool applauding comedians Mad Rat and Chiko

Bebe who was recently in Nairobi, Kenya for the ongoing Coke Studio Africa said these words before performing his latest song ‘Katono’ which got the crowd crazy but it did not stop Mad Rat and Chiko from cracking jokes on him.

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Bebe Cool performing at Mad Rat and Chiko’s Nseko Buseko show




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