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Bebe Cool And Bobi Wine Fans Now Engage In Ugly Cyber War

Gagamel Boss Bebe Cool And Ghetto President Bobi Wine have taken their rivalry to a whole new dirty level with the two now engaging in an ugly ‘cyber war’ where photo shopped pictures of the rival artists are shared and spread allover social media by fans to tarnish the others image.

The war which was started by the fans of the respective artists, eventually sucked them in. The first photo shopped images which appeared on social media depict Bebe Cool engaging in a dirty romantic moment with a gay partner.

Bebe and Bobi war

Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool

The gay couple in the original photo that seem to be kissing in a bathroom have Bebe Cool’s face embedded on one of the gay’s to make it look like it is Bebe Cool in the act.

After the photos started circulating on social media, Bebe Cool’s camp responded by doing the same and spreading similar images of Bobi Wine whose face replaces that of Bebe Cool in the same image. The dirty photos are now everywhere.

Photo shopped

The photo shopped images

Although it is not clear which camp started all the nonsense, ­­­­­the Big boys seem to be ok with the war since non of them has come out publicly to condemn the despicable act.

“I don’t know why they are doing all these things that make them look like fools. All we want is good music from them and they must stop it.” Robert a disappointed music lover lamented.

And the public is not impressed either with many presenters on radio and TV calling it childish. Although Chano8 could not reach Bebe Cool or Bobi Wine for a comment (Apparently Bebe is sick) we await for an apology or response from any of the camps at least to fans who have been critical of the acts.


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