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Bebe Cool Buys iPhone 6 For Daughter

Every parent will spoil his or her daughter at one point in life and to Bebe Cool’s daughter; the spoiling has rather started early as he bought her a brand new iPhone 6 to celebrate her birthday.

Beata Sophie Ssali turned 9 today and his dad Moses Ssali best known as Bebe Cool found a phone as the ideal gift to give her.

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Bebe Cool with Beata and Alpha at a concert in Serena

“Happy 9th birthday my only daughter Beata. I may post last but you come first. May Allah bless you with a great life so you grow to be your mamaz dream. Get well soon.” Posted Bebe Cool on his Facebook wall.

beata 2

Beata and Apass show off the phone

However, this is not the first phone that Bebe has given to his child as his first born Hendrick Ssali received the same given a couple of months back when he was celebrating his 2oth birthday.

Despite the good news of the phone that costs over 1million shillings, Beata’s health is not well as she has been down with malaria close to a week now. She is the only daughter the couple has out of four children.

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